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Suraj Rana

Independent Legal Expert


I started in the legal industry as a fresh faced nineteen year old, my journey has taken me from small high-street firms, all the way to international, Silver circle firms and top 5 corporate investment banks. Most recently I have worked with start-up businesses taking on private investment and founder restructure. This often involves bespoke Shareholder Agreements and vesting schedules.

The idea for Sole Legal Services came from my networking during my downtime in between contracts. Many business owners would tell me that they had contracts and agreements, but nothing had been explained to them, they didn’t get the one to one service and it hadn’t been put into context. They have no idea when and how they could use certain terms and how far the scope of protection went.

I work more like in-house counsel would – instructing me is a team effort and a meeting of minds, no one person is right about everything and you know your business better than I do.


Providing a personal service to my clients

A by-product of putting documents into context is providing a personal service, we must get to know you and your business well.

We deliver a bespoke and focused service to businesses, we offer drafting for all businesses looking to secure their trade and grow their business.

Our documents are simple to use and include insight and education aspects, this will put the document into context. This will give you the confidence to move forward with them and know you are protected.

How I can help

There are several reasons why my clients need my help. They may have a particular scenario they need structuring; this will require building bespoke documents to fit their business. In this scenario, a boilerplate document will not work, they will need some help with a road map and which documents fit best.

Some clients may feel a little lost in the minefield of documents and want some clarity, we look at what is needed and what is cost-effective. Plain English communication and price-appropriate legal services are my priorities.

Shareholders Agreement
Founders Pledge
Contract Of Sale
Terms & Conditions

I don't just draft documents, I put them in context.

The right document needs to be right for you, it needs to reflect your business and its future. There is much more to what we provide than drawing up the right document, we understand your business, your customers, and your plans.

We make sure these documents last, form a good foundation and provide security for the founders.

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Clients include