Welcome to Sole Legal Services

Legal Services for Founders and SME’s

Specialising in Commercial Legal Support Start-up Law Contract Law

Welcome to Sole Legal Services

Legal Services for Founders and SME’s

Specialising in Bespoke Contracts and Agreements Start-up Law Private equity investment 

Providing clarity on your current terms and documentation.

Specific documents relevant for your business and your journey

providing legal due diligence for business growth and investment

Providing support for the future of your business.

Suraj Rana

Independent Legal Expert

About the founder

I started in the legal industry at the age of nineteen, my journey has taken me from small high-street firms through to international firms and top 5 corporate investment banks. Most recently I have worked with SMEs on contract drafts, contract reviews, and guidance through numerous growth stages. As an individual, I offer my expertise to PLCs for multi-million-pound agreements. My experience with PLC’s was the foundations of the subscription model. I wanted to offer SMEs the same expertise available to PLC’s and make it accessible.
The initial idea for Sole Legal Services came from my networking. Business owners would tell me that they had contracts and agreements, but nothing had been explained to them, they didn’t get the one-to-one service and the contracts hadn’t been put into context. They didn’t know how to use them and how far the scope of protection went. It was all too transactional, little communication was made with other experts and the bigger picture was not considered.
I wanted SMEs to feel connected to their expert and for the expert to understand the client, what they did, how they did it and what they wanted from the expert. PLCs will have a team of experts, but SMEs didn’t have that luxury, until now.

Providing a personal service to our clients

A by-product of putting documents into context is providing a personal service –  we must get to know the business and its trading practices.

Our documents are simple to use and include insight and education aspects, this provides a set of documents that are jargon free and easy to use. We understand that it’s important to get deals over the line as quickly and as easily as possible, and we intend on drafting documents that make it easy for both sides of the table.

Our ongoing subscription service is our most attached and personal. We become a part of the team and are always there to help support and guide staff from various departments to work through issues and land big deals.


How we can help

Contract Review
Power Hour
Contract Drafts
Legal Subscription

We don't just draft documents, we put them in context.

The documents need to be right for you, they need to reflect your business and trading practices. There is much more to what we provide than drawing up the right documents, we understand your business, your customers, and why you need those documents.

We make sure the documents are effective, form a good foundation, and provide security for trading.


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