Our subscriptions are our flagship service, this is ongoing support and a legal officer who understands what you need. Your legal officer will be available via email within the hours of 9-5 during weekdays. Your legal officer will provide you with all the support your need within your subscription. There are no additional invoices or unexpected bills, it’s one fixed price.

This service is ideal for companies who want access on a regular basis, and in situations where contract changes are common. You can choose the plan that works for you and expand your services as your business and legal needs grow.


  • On call legal support, with one contact during working hours. Your support will be able to provide you with clarity on broader legal issues involving contracts and any concerns within the business. This is a legal officer role that does not involve drafting, reviewing or any advice.


  • Perfect for those that deal with contracts on a more regular basis. In addition to our basic package this includes reviews of incoming contracts and minor changes or redraft requests of terms. This is a popular option for growing businesses that need ongoing support.


  • This is our bespoke service providing a General Counsel to the business. Your support will be able to draft, review, negotiate and land deals with you. This is what we currently offer to PLCs, we are opening it up to the SME market. This is commercial legal expertise at its finest.
Please get in touch to discuss your particular needs.