Contract review service

Do you have a legal document that requires reviewing and updating? You may have had someone query your document, you may be taking on a bigger client or you want to make sure you are covered if any issues were to arise. We have several packages available, dependant on your needs and the extent of your requirements.


  • This is your most basic form of review, and a quick and simple way to establish any red flags or danger zones.


  • A more thorough review that establishes red flags and pain points specific to the context.
  • We will highlight danger zones and make sure you stay clear of them. This will put you in the position of having more knowledge of your contract and its terminology.


  • This offers everything in Pro and Business packages, but includes a restructure of the document.
  • We pinpoint any red flags, pain points and danger zones, then restructure the document bespoke to your needs.
  • This results in a document written specifically for you and your business and puts you in a position of freedom to go about your business with the knowledge and support of a solid bespoke contract.

Bespoke Drafts & Legal Power Hours

Contract Drafts: Please contact us if you require a bespoke draft, each contract is quoted individually in accordance with the type of document and terms required. Please provide us a brief of the scenario and the reason you require a contract/s for us to be able to provide you with a quote.

Power Hour: Do you need some urgent clarity and clarification? In that case the Legal Power Hour  is a perfect solution for you. This is a 1-hour session where we can discuss one subject, one term, or pain point and help guide you through it.